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Perfect Venue

“This was absolutely the perfect venue for our wedding: beautiful and rustic. Lindsay was absolutely wonderful to work with. She is flexible and gave us the space and freedom to plan the wedding of our dreams. I highly recommend The Wallace Lodge.” - Elizabeth


“The Wallace Lodge is a wonderful place to have a wedding or any other event. Very beautiful building and Mrs. Wallace is a pleasure to work with.” - Anonymous


“We had our daughter’s wedding here and it was beautiful. We had a fire in the fireplace as she walked down the staircase; the atmosphere was wonderful. Thanks Lindsay Wallace for all your help and allowing us to have our special day at Wallace Lodge.” - Debbie

Dream of the Perfect Wedding

"My daughter always dreamed of "The Perfect Wedding." I have been to The Wallace Lodge for several other occasions and I knew this would be the perfect place. I could not have picked a more beautiful area. I absolutely love the tranquility and the serenity of this most cherished location. Needless to say, her wedding was absolutely PERFECT. I will be more than happy to share any pictures of her cherished day. It was more beautiful than even I could have imagined." - Carol


“Great place for outdoor wedding!” - Karen

I Loved this Place

“I loved this place for my wedding. It was beautiful and spectacular. The lodge is secluded and overlooks a huge lake that makes it that much more special.” - Jenn

Beautiful lodge

“Beautiful lodge. It was great. It rained during a photo shoot which made for great pictures and was outstanding weather and scenery for the wedding.” - Anonymous